Movie Review: The Guilty

Movie Review: The Guilty


Here’s a review from the movie I watched last night.

Asger, the main character, was an emergency call agent (same as 911) in Denmark. Now, let me tell you that I was too a contact center agent long time ago. Picking up random calls 9 to 5; cheering up desperate strangers was not easy when I just got shouted from another stranger for something I didn’t do. It hurts my ears and my heart. But then again, a job needs to be done and I learned how to ignore things.

Now. Asger received a desperate call from a woman who was kidnapped by her own husband (or boyfriend?). The wrong thing I noticed from Asger was he intended solve this case and take it personally instead of asking assistance from his superior or his team. No matter how problem solver you think you are, we all know that was wrong.

A gripping abduction thriller, I found the interesting point from this movie was how the scenes only revolved around the main character in his office; how he listened to all the phone calls he received/made. It was quite predictable until an hour later everything turned 360 degrees.

This is 2018 movie with 99% score from rotten tomatoes and 7.6/10 from imdb. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 out of 5.


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