Day-1: When in Chengdu [on my way to Tibet Trip] πŸ›©

Day-1: When in Chengdu [on my way to Tibet Trip] πŸ›©

Wed, 12th September 2018,

I reached Changi before 12 noon as scheduled. My flight will be at 4PM, so I had enough time to enjoy my brunch in Changi. <(οΏ£οΈΆοΏ£)>

My holiday expedition to Tibet started from Singapore to Chengdu, and had overnight in Chengdu. The following day we took local flight to Nyinchi (or Linzhi) and from there we slowly continued our land journey to higher altitude.

So why Tibet?

My tour leader Annie, said there are 2 types of people who travel to Tibet;

1⃣ Those who want to do pilgrimage or religious trip from monastery to another monasteries, from temples to temples.

2⃣ Those who love adventures, know what it takes to go Tibet and ready for it.

My Chinese friend said; “if you go to Tibet, your heart will go to heaven while your body goes to hell.” I didn’t know this. I had no idea how harsh this holiday expedition could be. How unexpected it would be. So obviously I was not type 1, either type 2. I am the type 3;

3⃣ Those who randomly checked meetup group and signed up to this “ladies tour to Tibet” without second thought, had no expectation how harsh Tibet is, had zero idea what it takes to go there and did not mind to travel with a group of strangers.

Yup, that’s me! (οΏ£β–½οΏ£*)γ‚ž

And before the trip, I had;

βœ… reserved my energy
βœ… more naps
βœ… more carb diets
βœ… drank plenty of waters
βœ… not taking any exercise (never done it anyway!)
βœ… took my high-altitude vitamins – Hong Jing Tian, twice a day, 3 days before I took the flight to Chengdu
βœ… packed my thick clothes

By end of this trip, I got:

β˜‘ runny nose
β˜‘ chapped lips
β˜‘ ulcers (two of them as big as my fingernails!)
β˜‘ dry mouth
β˜‘ sore throat
β˜‘ cough
β˜‘ fever
β˜‘ flaky skin
β˜‘ split-ends hair
β˜‘ bruises on my left butt (almost 15cm long!)
β˜‘ fatigue
β˜‘ pile of dirty sweaters
β˜‘ too much foods (especially yak meats)
β˜‘ survived from headache and nausea due to altitude and motion sickness
β˜‘ survived from the one-boring-day train journey with a new group friends
β˜‘ survived from yet another killer food-poisoning!!
β˜‘ more safe feelings when I’m at the low-land
β˜‘ more appreciate the clean air of Singapore
β˜‘ found out new medicine that works on my body
β˜‘ new experience
β˜‘ unforgettable memories
β˜‘ unexpected holiday expedition
β˜‘ and new friends that treated each others like sisters

And I had to tell you this; at Chengdu immigration, the officer stopped me and brought me to a special counter to check my passport. After traveling in many countries, this was the first time immigration officer stopped me for questioning. I had no problem with that, I just followed them. And what happened next after two officers talking to each others in their own language, one of them looked at me and asked to see my ears. What! Lucky I haven’t grew my third ear!! Then that’s it, they let me go. Ξ£( ̄。 ̄ノ)

Our group was 10 ladies from Meetup. We met shortly last month for a quick briefing to know more about the tour, and to know who still had 8 days leave from office and who changed their mind after the briefing. The 10 ladies (later I will called us the super sisters) joined a S*P*R travel from Singapore, lead by Annie. There were another few elderly couples and solo travelers who joined the 10 sisters, so total there were 24 people on board.

The flight from Changi to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport took about 4 hours. By the time we arrived in Chengdu, gathered around and took bus to Holiday Inn hotel, it was almost 11PM. We hit the bed immediately, we must get ready for our early flight tomorrow. (oΒ΄β–½`o)









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