day-6: When in Aussie [Gold Coast here we COOOME!!!] 🛩

day-6: When in Aussie [Gold Coast here we COOOME!!!] 🛩

Saturday, 29 April 2017, breezy morning to the airport!

Met up with Kris at the airport, finally 3 of us boarded the same plane to celebrate our 3 years friendsniversary in Gold Coast! Gold Coast was just about walking barefoot on the white sand, breezy beach, girls in bikinis, and lotssa lotssssa sun!

me flew from Sydney and landed safely in Gold Coast! it was fun!


We are three happy kids just wanna have some fun!!!

Just nice that our plane arrived at Gold Coast before the sunset, so we could peacefully enjoyed walking on the beach in a not-so-sunny day. There was The Veronicas Live Performance yesterday on Friday here, but too bad they didn’t want to wait for me to perform. If only I knew it earlier, I would have insisted my friends to fly to GC earlier!

But anywho, we were here, enjoyed the live performance of an unknown band for 5 minutes, then walked back to our resort and chilled at home with potato chips, instant noodle and wine while watching The Voice and Masterchef on TV.



Tomorrow we are going to cuddle the koala and take selfies with kangaroos!


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