day-1: When in Penang

day-1: When in Penang

day-1, Wednesday 13 April 2016,

Today is my mom’s birthday. That was actually my main reason I flew to Penang, Malaysia, to meet my parents. They were having medical check ups since Monday, and the result came out today. So I was there to cheer up my parents–especially my mom since it was her birthday and she wasn’t feeling well since few months ago, and also I always wanted to buy her flower. It was a coincidence there was a brand new flower stall in the shopping mall nearby my place. And so without second thought, I bought the blue roses for her. ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

I touched down Penang around 11:10AM. The sky was so bright and sunny. I was excited to meet my parents in the hospital, but suddenly the airport staffs stopped me for bringing alive flowers. I told them it was only the blue roses that alive, the rest was only plastic flowers. They finally let me go with the bouquet after some questions. Nice staffs. (o˘◡˘o)


According to some blogs I have read, it wasn’t easy to find taxi in Penang. That’s why I did save some taxi’s numbers from the internet. But there was a taxi counter just in front of my eyes before I stepped out the airport exit door. Since I didn’t want any hassle, I just queued at the counter and paid 44.70RM to go to my hotel at armenian street, even though said it was only 18.92 RM. I had no choice. I’m not an expert haggler. (*/ω\)

The lady driver (Ms. Chin) took me from airport to my hotel was a very nice chinese lady. She can speak good English and Mandarin, and some Hokkien too. She was super nice and she offered to bring me around Penang and handed me over her name card. So I took it. Here in Penang, even though there was a sticker on the car door said “This Taxi uses the Meter, Haggling is Forbidden – Get Your Receipt”, but you still have to haggle. And there was no receipt unless you asked for it. <( ̄ ﹌  ̄)>

After dropping my luggage at the hotel, I rushed to Adventist Hospital at Burma street, with the same lady driver. The fare I paid 44.70RM was only from the airport to the hotel. From the hotel to the hospital I had to pay her extra 35RM (TaxiFareFinder said it was only 4.90RM!!!). Either the website was trying get me strangled by the taxi drivers in Penang, or the taxi driver just raised up the fare way too high. (>﹏<)

Anyhow, I met my parents. And from 12:00PM until 7:30PM, we were in the hospital, waiting for the result. But thank God both of my parents were fine. Just some minor illness due to their eating habits and they need to go more exercise. The rest was fine. We were just stepped out from the hospital for lunch and tea breaks at the shopping mall across the street. There was a quite nice restaurant hidden at the second floor–I didn’t take any pictures and I forgot the restaurant name, but there was only one old shopping mall across the hospital, and not much restaurant at the second floor, so I guess it’s easy to find! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

I managed to pursuade my parents to stay with me at Georgetown area instead of their homestay–which was only walking distance from the hospital–but faraway from the city area. The old man taxi driver (mr. Teoh) asked me for 30RM to go from hospital to my hotel at Armenian street–here I didn’t trust TaxiFareFinder anymore. I took his name card too. He was a friendly old man very good with English.


Good thing about taxi driver in Penang, once you found the driver was nice and friendly, you can ask for their name cards, and they usually have whasapp too. You can booked them for a whole day rent and ask them to be your private tour guide in a not-so-cheap price. There are two ways of bargaining; [1] either they will offer you with meter fares–here they can easily bring you around instead of bringing you from point A (your starting point) to point B (your destination), they will bring you from point A, to point G-J-M-P-Z-F-D-C-and finally point B. Good thing is you can see more places but you will have to pay more too! OR [2] they offer you with hourly fare, which is not so cheap either. But since finding taxi is not so easy in this town, you’d better take their name cards just in case. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

But TBH, if you stay around Georgetown area, most of the tourist attractions are just walking distance. You can even walk to the bus terminal and get a super cheap price to go Penang Hill! [I’ll explain on day-2]. 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)))


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