2 years celebration.

2 years celebration.

so this is exactly the 2 years since the first time i stomped my feet at the lion city. and to be honest,, that was love at the first sight.

when i looked around, i noticed all the trees and grass are all green. and it was literally greener on the other side! everything was so nice here : the local people was so warm and helpful, the services was quick and satisfying, anywhere i go, everything was clean (that was before i visited hawker), i can see people queuing in a good manner, even though i’m not really a sing’s foodie, but to know that smoking and gums are banned, those were really make me agree; this is the place where i belong!

i do enjoying my life here: i make a lot of friends, i like my jobs, my colleagues and i adore my bosses (in a professional way), i like my condo, basically i like everything i have here. i really appreciate them, and can’t thanking enough to God.


let’s be honest. after i visited the land of the rising sun on last nov, everything has changed. what ever good things i see in this lion city, they have it twice or triple better. and i do want to move there for good.

i know that the fun part of life is when you entering a new territory and betting yourself to survive there. but as i always tell to myself, changing job is a matter of gambling. especially if you are already like all about your current job; job desk, colleagues and bosses. you will either got a better one (i wish!) or a worse one. i still need some times to really think whether or not i move to a new place for the sake of my curiosity, youthfulness, and another love at the first sight while i still like being here, OR stay in this comfort zone, cuz my mom strongly disagree about the idea i’m going further away from her.


the girl on this pic is not me! ;)
the girl on this pic is not me! 😉


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