day-10 : When in Japan [back to Tokyo]

day-10 : When in Japan [back to Tokyo]

i brewed green tea this morning, sipped the tea on our hotel’s window, and finally greeted by fuji-san. the weather was still cold although not as freezing cold as last night’s hailing. but meanwhile i’m in japan, i decided to enjoy this coldness and hope the fog will be disappear soon so i could see the whole fuji-san. and indeed. (≧◡≦) ♡

seeing fuji-san was so hypnotized. i literally couldn’t get enough. i rushed down to the onsen, then i enjoying the fuji-san while soaking myself in an onsen. i feel so blessed. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

CYMERA_20150901_170923 CYMERA_20150901_170429 CYMERA_20150901_171018

we had no choice but to get back to the bus and back to Tokyo while most of our luggage was still left in the hotel nearby shinjuku station. with onigiri stuffed on my face, we headed to shibuya to meet the superstar dog, hachiko. we also crossed the famous shibuya crossing where 250000 people cross every day, strolled around shibuya 109, walked around the neighbourhood until we got lost inside the huge tokyu hands, then we headed back to the hotel in shinjuku. (´ε` )♡

CYMERA_20150901_171133 CYMERA_20150901_171357 CYMERA_20150901_171455 CYMERA_20150901_171705 CYMERA_20150901_171812

ahhh!!! i’m not ready to go back sg tomorrow!! and strange thing happened this night after we arrived in the hotel.

my friend suggested me to do online check in for our flight tomorrow. remember i didn’t take the same flight as theirs because of the crappy travel agent who told me if i want to change the schedule it will be as much expensive as i buy a new multiple journey ticket (and i already paig 700+SGD to them). so i decided to bought a new flight, airasia took me from sg-kl-osaka and i paid 300+SGD. <( ̄ ﹌  ̄)>

AND! turned out, this crappy travel agent called M!5* said i couldn’t board for tomorrow’s flight, due to i didn’t show up on the first flight from sg-osaka. WTF! i was panicked, but it was too late to call either the f****** travel agent or the airlines. so i decided to called it a night and let’s deal with this crap tomorrow morning. 凸(`△´#)


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