day-7 : When in Japan [Tokyo]

day-7 : When in Japan [Tokyo]

this morning we went to Asakusa.

Asakusa is one of a famous temple in heart of Tokyo (probably). there’s nothing much i can say about the temple, mostly because i don’t like the history lesson and for me all those red temples are look alike. along the way to the temple there are a lot of stalls selling souvenirs. here i bought post cards with classic japanese paintings which i found very unique. it was very different compare to the one i bought from Tamatsukuri, Osaka. (o˘◡˘o)

and oh! i’m amazed by the colourful pigeons i met in Japan. they are so pretty and they walk among the humans too. well we have some wild birds in singapore too, small-black-and-ugly crows and not-so-colorful pigeons and they sometimes follow humans for food. but here in Japan, the wild birds are so pretty seems tame and so plum! (っ˘ω˘ς )




walking around the temple area, we stopped by for some statues we found. i found a scary version of kumamon with a hat behind its back, a samurai with blue robe riding a baby crib, and another samurai with clogs holding cables on the roof–i believe the clogs helped him not to get electrocuted. we had lunch at a local ramen restaurant there, and quickly moved to our next stop. but wait. i found a beautiful paintings on the subway wall. ( ´ ▽ ` )


our next stop was akiba station. walked out and we arrived at akihabara park. we walked around the neighborhood, and ended up in a yard where we can found a gundam cafe next to akb48 cafe. there are a large group of 40s to 60s man standing outside akb48 cafe. so we supposed there must be a ‘meet & greet’ session? we had to walk through those men, and we couldn’t help but notice their gazing eyes at us, three tired-looking young ladies  who looked locals, but didn’t sound locals. (*/ω\)




anywho! we had to continue to take the romance car and meet the giant gundam at Odaiba. we had to walk quite far to get see the famous robot, and it was soooo cold and soooo windy. we took refuge at the divercity, the shopping  mall located just next to the giant robot, had dinner, and waiting for the performance–which i was so disappointed! when the music blasted, i was expecting a giant robot dancing or so, but instead i just saw some lights and smoke and that’s all. i didn’t even take picture for the lights and smoke because it was only lights and smoke. (ノ°益°)ノ


we took the ride back to hotel after the disappointing performance from the famous giant robot. next time i’m not gonna expect too much a dancing robot or watch transformers anymore.


oh well. see you in hakone tomorrow!!! ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ


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