day-4 : When in Japan [westernKyoto]

day-4 : When in Japan [westernKyoto]

today we went to Arashiyama!! \(≧▽≦)/

saturday, 15 Nov, woke up quite early. had breakfast at 7/11 (again!). took train to sagaarashiyama-eki. by the time we arrived there, it was almost lunch time. we were all starving because of the long train journey but most of the restaurant had long queue. but no choice. we finally joined the queue and had our soba lunch (was it soba or udon???). too bad i didn’t take picture of the restaurant or the soba (or the udon).. guess we were too hungry to take our phones out and do the selfies. (*ノ∀`*)

after the engine fulled, we were ready for our adventure today. bamboo grooves. what’s so special about bamboo? we have a lot of bamboo forest in my home country. why don’t they look as spectacular like here in Arashiyama? in my home country they are so dirty and no one turn the bamboo forest into a tourist attraction??? (so sad,, this is why i have love and hate relationship with my home country). and yes, Arashiyama was magnificent. i got mesmerized for each step i take. i accidentally lead my friends all the way to the katsura river, which was magically stunning! (i don’t even know if i was way too exaggerated it or being too hyperbolic). (☆ω☆)/

CYMERA_20150817_142239 CYMERA_20150817_142326

CYMERA_20150817_142505 CYMERA_20150817_142930we had soooooooooo much fun and did a lot of goofy pose! lol


after finished with hundred selfies around the river bank, we headed to the small shops selling street food. it was drizzling, we had the best hot potato korokke, then went to a restaurant to had sakura mochi meanwhile waiting the rain subside. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

CYMERA_20150817_142604the unique sakura mochi for chill and relax


to go to Hankyu Arashiyama-eki, we had to cross the togetsu bridge. it was full of people today. but once we arrived at Arashiyama Park, we were once again stunned by 3 meteros passing by at the beautiful evening sky. i didn’t bother to take my phone out and take picture, because i know my phone camera wasn’t that good. and i believe seeing it with my own eyes is way more worth than digital result. (o˘◡˘o)

CYMERA_20150817_142636wait for me arashiyama! i’ll be back for you!!  では、またね あらしやま!


anyway, i LOVE arashiyama. i’ll be back for sure!! (*≧ω≦*)9

my colleague asked me, “isn’t it sad to see all the leaves falling down?” did i feel sad? NOPE! a famous quote by Shira Tamir says “anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day”. ♡(。-ω-)

we didn’t have energy left to visit Kikankuji, so we decided to head back Osaka. We supposed to have takoyaki in umeda building but guess we were all too tired to find the building, so we decided to grab quick dinner at Osaka station then go back hotel, pack our stuffs cuz tomorrow we’re taking shinkansen to Tokyo. ☆ ~(‘▽^人)


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