day-3 : When in Japan [eastern Kyoto]

day-3 : When in Japan [eastern Kyoto]

it’s kimono day!!! friday, 14 Nov, we woke up early because of long train journey to eastern kyoto. but before that, we had to take quick breakfast at 7/11. we stayed a nice hotel next to the river, but we didn’t pay extra to had breakfast at the hotel, so we had to find restaurant outside. the only restaurant nearby was a local restaurant, but they don’t speak english, the menu doesn’t have english translation or even picture. so 7/11 was our only hope. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

our very first stop today was Fushimi Inari Taisha. my friends asked me to watch Memoirs of Geisha, but i didn’t have time to do it. what’s the point of watching the movie if we’re going there directly? we took a lot of selfies even few hundred meters before we entering the torii. and a lot more selfies when we entering the thousand torii. but we decided not to go too far, since we had to save energy for walking around gion with geta later. so we walked back, bought some souvenirs along the way (i bought the fridge magnet (another habit i do when ever i visit a new country) and daruma doll just in case. because it’s lunch time already, so we decided to had lunch before we go to next stop. i had my yummy omurice at the udon restaurant meanwhile my friends were having udon. sorry i forgot to take pics (ノ_<。)

CYMERA_20150817_134446 CYMERA_20150817_134559

CYMERA_20150817_134800the thousands torii gate at fushimi inari! very memorable!


after lunch we hopped back to the train, heading to gion shijo-eki! lucky my friends, i am a rare kind of girl who can read map! we found the kimono rental shop just after almost 1 kilo of walking. i always thought Singapore was a cruel country that will make you to do the exercise of walking, but apparently Japan is worse! i had to carry my –no less than 1/100 ton–of bag by myself from the train platform all the way up the staircase (no escalator!!!) then dragged it to the hotel. but no wonder we are all healthy and slim people eh! (´ε` )♡

lucky i found the kimono rental web before we went to Japan and already sent all the required form before we get there. so once we arrived, we chose the kimono, they helped us to wear the kimono, did the hair, and off we go! the kimono i wore was a bit too tight (compare to my friends), it made me hopping like a rabbit just to catch up with my friends’ pace. but i love the color i chose! /(^ x ^)\

CYMERA_20150817_134935 CYMERA_20150817_135027 CYMERA_20150817_135240my very 1st time wearing kimono! very lovely!!!


we supposed to go Kiyomizudera temple, but it was getting late, we wore tight kimono and geta and we had to return the kimono to the shop before 7PM, so we decided to have a hot matcha nearby the temple. we visited the yasaka temple and strolling around beautiful neighborhood. we successfully fooled some people who think we were locals. lol. after bought some omiyage, we decided to return the kimono and find a restaurant nearby. and oh! i couldn’t forget the taste of caramel apple i bought somewhere near the yasaka temple! this is what i called : LOVE AT THE FIRST TASTE!!!! (/▽\*)。o○♡


i can forget the rest of the world,, just gimme more caramel apple おねがい!!! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡


and oh this is the web of the kimono rental shop i went. you don’t need to pay in front, you just have to fill in the form and return it by email. then you must come to the store on appointed date and time, and return the kimono before the store closed at 7PM. it’s easy!

it was getting late and we will have longer walk tomorrow at western Kyoto, so we decided to go back hotel before the fatigue comes. (♡˙︶˙♡)


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