day-2 : When in Japan [Osaka] but now with friends!

day-2 : When in Japan [Osaka] but now with friends!

i had almost 12 hours sleep last night. but woke up with full energy without the headache, without the stomach upset, i felt like i was a brand new healthy person ready for my holiday! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

i was sitting on the hotel lobby waiting for my friends to come and join me. they supposed to meet me in the hotel, because they took different flight and they don’t have any phone connection right now.. so i was waiting patiently in the lobby, called my mom and convincing her i was okay–i still didn’t tell her about the accident yet, and keep lying to her that i was with my two friends. (ノ_<。)

my friends finally arrived Thursday, 13 Nov, before mid day. and we went straight to Osaka Castle. the scenery was more beautiful than we expected, and most of the time we were mesmerized by what we saw. and took some selfies every 5 steps we took. (//ω//)

CYMERA_20150817_104607 CYMERA_20150817_104722 CYMERA_20150817_104912 CYMERA_20150817_105019students enjoying their bento lunch ♡(。-ω-)


after satisfied with hundred pictures and selfies we took, we decided to go other place. but before going to other place, we had to find how to go to osakajokoen-eki first! lucky we found an old kind man who lead us to the train station. and along the way, again we were stunned by the beautiful scenery we saw. (✯◡✯)

CYMERA_20150817_105122 CYMERA_20150817_105208 CYMERA_20150817_105256

yes! it’s a beautiful tiny rainbow!!!


out next stop was Sumiyoshi Taisha. it was quite a big temple with the famous red bridge. since there’s nothing much to see, we didn’t spend too much time there, but we did take some pictures and more selfies–of course! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

CYMERA_20150817_110215 CYMERA_20150817_110314 CYMERA_20150817_110507 CYMERA_20150817_110541 CYMERA_20150817_110629cute kids!!!!!! かわいいですね!♡ ~(‘▽^人)


before the sun went down, we fled to Shinsaibashi shopping street. the shopping street was an “ocean of human” (:: a place where all you can see was human, very crowded, probably will be inconvenience for some people). we had too much food here; ice cream, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, matcha tea, the famous pablo egg tart– i don’t remember the rest. (*/▽\*)

it was easy to find the famous stores with huge crab and huge squid as we seen them on google previously. we wanted to explore everything and had every food we found, but we didn’t have much time and we didn’t want to get lost as it was way too crowded. so we decided to sit down somewhere and had takoyaki. aaaaand, meanwhile we’re here, it’s a must to take selfies with glico dude!

CYMERA_20150817_110751 CYMERA_20150817_110837 CYMERA_20150817_110925the famous glico dude, where all the tourists take selfies with him.


it took 4 hours from Namba Dotonburi-eki to Shinsaibashi-eki? quite a long walk, but we a lot of things to shop! and also good food. but we had enough for today. we had to go reached hotel before mid night and rest well, because tomorrow we’re heading to Kyoto!



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