day-1 : When in Japan [Osaka]

day-1 : When in Japan [Osaka]

touched down Osaka on Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014 mid day.

i was enjoying my solo-day,, totally forgot about how i was almost died on the plane because of food-poisoning. until today, i lost some memories after the accident happened on the plane up to when i arrived at sakuranomiya-eki. (i don’t remember i walked out of the plane), i remember i was queuing for the immigration, (i don’t remember how i took my luggage) but it was with me, (i don’t remember how did i ended up on the queue for the train ticket), but i did buy the correct train ticket, i remember the escalator down to the train platform, i remember i bought an onigiri then hopped inside the train and asked someone if this the train to sakuranomiya, then i had another black out. (_ _*) Z z z

CYMERA_20150817_102702(my phone thinks he had food-poisoned too)….(*/ω\)


i was back alive about 30 minutes before the train reached sakuranimiya. getting out of the sakuranomiya-eki,, below was my very first beautiful view i encountered in Japan. with rows of bicycles and colorful trees. beautifully stunning. well, something i’ve never seen in the 2 contries i’m living in. ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ



the hotel was only walking distance from sakuranomiya-eki. and i couldn’t check in because i arrived too early. so i continued with my schedule, which was visiting the Cathedral of Saint Mary in Tamatsukuri. The neighborhood around Tamatsukuri was quite, nice and very clean. i kept on reminding myself not to compare with my home country. (*/ω\)

CYMERA_20150817_104001 CYMERA_20150817_102852

walking around Tamatsukuri neighborhood. 


turned left on the third traffic light, i came across the school areas. i almost missed the church because it was hiding behind one of the school building. apparently the church was under renovation. but i was lucky there was a worker who lead me the way inside the church. i had few minutes praying in silence and i was so happy. ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

CYMERA_20150817_102950 CYMERA_20150817_103031the cathedral was under renovation. i supposed the original size must be 3 or 4 times bigger than this.


after i had enough praying, i walked to the post office to send a postcard for my dad–this is one of my important habit; to send my dad a postcard whichever country i go. the people in the post office can’t speak english, so i had a bit difficulties to ask for a postcard in the beginning. but later on, there was one employee who can speak a little english. that’s good enough for me to choose a post card and ask them to help me post it. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

few hundred meters later while i was walking back from post office to morinomiya-eki, my severe headache stroke me once again. i knew for someone who has just cheated the death, i was pushing myself a little bit too much. i stopped for a meal, and below was the very first meal i had in Osaka. (✧∀✧)/

CYMERA_20150817_103122they served me with 1 warm water 1 ice water and 2 kind of teas??


what a delicious meal! as a rice-person, i could have 2 bakuls of rice just for myself! LOL. but my stomach decided to have different opinion than my brain, they both weren’t too friendly after the food poisoning. (# ̄ω ̄)

that’s just remind me,, the doctor and the stewardess on the plane recommend me to eat carefully because my stomach has just recovered from pain and injury… to avoid fried food, food that too oily, too hot, too strong taste, etc, etc. but i was like. DUDE! I AM in Japan! i will eat what ever food i saw on the street! ヽ(゚〇゚”)ノ

anyway. back to the story. too bad i didn’t take picture of the restaurant. i don’t mind going back few times. and when i crossed the street, i saw a coffee shop with a familiar name.

CYMERA_20150817_103217do they serve indonesian coffee???


back to sakuranomiya. i check in the hotel and went to bed very early.

*tomorrow i will meet my 2 friends who joined my holiday in Japan. more stories!!!! 



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