How to Go to Johor Bahru

How to Go to Johor Bahru

so we’re having this long weekend,, me and my friends decided to go to JB in one day. actually my friend had a brilliant idea of going to KLSM (KL Shopping Mall?), Lego Land, then JB City Square. but i was pretty sure we don’t have that much time to go to several places in one day. and truth is, i was right.

we met up around 8:30am at kranji MRT station. then we had to line up in this such a long queue of bus no.170. we can also take bus no.950 from kranji. we queued up for about 1 hour because it was the first day of lebaran and long weekend,, so there are many people want to go to JB. not a perfect time to visit JB actually. but lucky us,, we got a seat!

from kranji mrt station to check point was only about 15 minutes. we stopped and went to the immigration office to get our passport chopped. then we had to queue for another 1 hour for a bus from immigration office singapore to the johor bahru’s custom. we can take any bus to go to the custom. and there was traffic jam-obviously! it was almost 1 hour from the check point to the custom. we stopped at the custom, and queued for 1 more hour to get our passport chopped once again. then we just followed the direction to JB city square.

it was almost mid day when we finally arrived at the city square. very tired, very hungry, and i wanted to pee so bad. -.-”

SDC10119 DSCN2302

the first thing we did when we finally arrived at the city square,, is looking for a restroom. which is not easy enough to found it. then we had lunch at el migos. idk what’s wrong with that restaurant. the waitress seemed she’s not sure about how many slices are there in the pizza we ordered, and what we really wanted to ordered. i had to explain 3 times to her. then another waiter came up with my friend’s bread and some kind of cheese dip. he brought it to us without a tray. then the bread fell off to our table. then he almost took it, but he didn’t. awkward situation.

anyway,, we went around the shopping mall after the awkward lunch. we had baskin & robins. circling around the shopping mall,, took some photos. there was a cute small garden. then there was a unique korean restaurant : it has a lot of toilets as your seat. unique one! 🙂 then we decided to watch RIPD. after the movie, we had dinner at Soul Garden,, it’s an all-you-can-eat korean restaurant. stoked.

then we went home by bus at 8pm. there was no crazy traffic jam as this morning. it was only about 5-10 minutes from the JB custom to singapore’s check point. we had our passport chopped again. then another 5-10 minutes from check point to choa chu kang mrt. i stopped at choa chu kang. my friends continues their journey to jurong east with the same direct bus (170).

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