The Note Book (movie review)

The Note Book (movie review)

thenotebookthe story begins at a nursing home. an old man everyday come to an old lady who is having alzheimer to read her a romantic story book about a young couple. this story is taking place in 1940s about a country boy named Noah fell in love with a city girl named Allie. they were 17yo when they met at a local carnival. Allie was supposed to spend her summer vacation there. the love bloomed between them. but Allie’s parents didn’t agree with the relationship, so they sent Allie back to the city. 10 years later they meet up again and they still in love with each other, even though Allie had a fiance that time. anyhow,, they live happily ever after. the end. 🙂

it’s a beautiful story with a happy ending. i still a bit teary everytime i see this pic. poor me! 😦

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